Seagrim Lake Chain

How to describe the Seagrim Lake Chain? The best description I can offer is “Perfect for Beginners.”

Check out the Nopiming Water Route map. Portages and campsites are signed and distances are extremely short.  We set off on Unnamed Lake #1 at about 8:30 am and had our campsite set up on Elton Lake by 11:30 am. It was a very busy weekend with over 20 cars in the parking lot. I was worried we wouldn’t get a campsite, so I was in “must beat everyone else” mode. But it was such an easy travel we could have come back to the parking lot no problem if there really was no room anywhere. The paddling distances and the easy portages on this trip makes it a day trip, or an overnight if you like to relax at the campsite for long periods of time (or fish, as many people were doing!)

It turns out that all the campsites were taken, except for 6 and 7 that are tucked away on the East side of Elton Lake. We settled nicely on campsite 7, had a quick lunch, then set out to explore Seagrim Lake.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing Banangrams and enjoying a couple of beers by the campfire. The next morning, we were on the water at 8am and back at the car at 11am. It was a peaceful, easy overnight trip that got us back into the canoe life for the summer. All the campsites had a backcountry toilet and a picnic table! Very luxurious by our standards.

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